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Why us?

Everyone wants a photo booth! They are so much fun and a great addition to your wedding for every guest. We know how hard it is to find the perfect fit, but we're here to help!

You're here because you want a stress-free photo booth experience. You want something that won't take up too much space, is beautiful, and where you don't have to sacrifice the quality of the photos. 

Lily is a wedding photographer and she knows first hand that it is very hard to capture every single wedding guest. With a photo booth, you can make sure to have some pretty fun photos of the people you love.

Photo booths are more than just a fun thing for your guests to do. There's something about them that make people feel comfortable to show off their personality than in typical formal photos. 

We wanted to make a photo booth experience that could be completely personalized and tailored to your wedding. We highly value the authenticity of each couple and we want to make you + your boo feel like this experience was made just for the two of you!

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Meet Becca (she/her)

Illinois Regional Manager

"Well, hello there! I am just your average zennial currently based out of Chicago, Il. I started catering weddings and events as a teen. Since then, I've had a passion for event planning and celebrating others.

When I'm not hosting friends, I am creating art, gardening, or bingeing true crime. My dog, Chica, is my best friend, even if she prefers her dad more.

I strive to live life as my most authentic self and to spread kindness and positivity into the world! can't wait to meet you!"

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Meet Chica

Assistant to the Regional Manager

"Bow Wow! My name is Chica and I am a valuable member of this team. If you need me I'll be over here silently (and sometimes not so silently) judging everything my mom, Becca, does. 


Gaby_Headshot (1).jpg

Meet Gaby (she/her)

Virtual Assistant

"Hi! I’m Gaby, a wife to a caring and responsible man, and a full-time mother to one big baby boy. We're currently living in Mexico, but most likely will be moving out to Illinois soon. And, I’m also Lily’s sister. She's so fun to hang out with!


I aspire to be the best version of myself and in all of the tasks that I manage to complete daily. It's a part of life."

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Meet Joelle (she/her)

Missouri Regional Manager

"Hey! I'm Joelle. I started working in the wedding industry in 2019 and I fell absolutely in love with it and never wanted to leave, so here I am!

I am a mom and wife above everything else. I spend my free time chasing around my sweet daughter and fur baby doing anything they want, which mainly consists of zoo dates, parks, nature walks, and snacks... lots of snacks.

I can't wait to meet you!"

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Meet Lily (she/her)


"Meowdy! I'm a wedding photographer, and I would describe myself as an artist, dreamer, and hopeless romantic, which is why I do the work that i do.

I'm a concert junkie, I love to travel, and I have a variety of random tattoos. Oh, and I don't have a gallbladder.

I also love to collect random stuff like stuffed animals, CDs, cassette tapes, cameras, and artwork. I cannot live a happy life without hoarding the things that bring me joy, but isn't that the point of it?"

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