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Black Tie Wedding | Chez | Chicago, Illinois

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Many couples want their wedding to be a magical experience because it’s an important date that literally changes your life afterwards, and you never get this day back. Well, you might eventually get to celebrate your 25th, 50th, or even up to your 80th anniversary, but still. So, let’s make this initial celebration a breathtaking one.

Denise and Jorge pulled off a wonderful white wedding that took place at the Chez Wedding Venue. Their reception was delicately decorated with all-white surrounding walls and draped curtains that hung from the ceiling, alongside white columns and lighting that matches with the romantic mood the couple emanates.

The glass staircase that leads to the mezzanine level adds another dimension to the venue, transforming the scenery into a more modern space. Glass votive candles lit every small table in the room, and big luxurious floral centerpieces dressed the dining tables.

The photo booth was placed in a separate room for guests to enjoy taking selfies, boomerangs,

and short videos. Overhead there were hanging crystal bulbs that lit up the room as well. The couple matched the backdrop to their attire and overall wedding color scheme, since they went for a white and black marble look. What also seemed like so much fun were the little signs for props that the guests could hold up, I personally would have held the “I need another shot” sign.

About these lovebirds attire, Denise wore a sleek low bridal bun paired with minimal jewelry to match her gorgeous off-the-shoulder dress, which consisted of lace and a slim fit. Jorge went for a classic black three-piece suit that instantly marks him as the groom.

We send our best wishes to these newlyweds and only hope for prosperity in their life!

What kinds of photobooth props are you drawn to? Share with us in the comment section below!

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