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Chez | Wedding Venue | Chicago, Illinois

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

There are many places to choose from to celebrate your wedding in Chicago, and the Chez is one of them. It’s an exclusive Downtown Chicago wedding venue that will really catch your eye!

The Chez offers a diverse way of designing the venue to your most desired dreams. This venue combines a modern and old style with its golden chandeliers, white brick walls, and white columns alongside a custom glass staircase.

Even though a white-colored theme is what symbolizes a Western wedding and the beginning of a new life with your partner, you can certainly change up the game with other color schemes such as pink, purple, navy, and gold. Or you could also go for a rustic fashion theme.

The Chez provides furniture and decorations that pairs well with your chosen design to really hit the spot on the visual pleasures. The venue provides rectangular tables, round pedestal tables, round tables, and armless clear mirage ghost chairs.

The reception includes a private suite with a powder room, a coat room, a custom glass staircase that leads to a stunning mezzanine level, washrooms, and an ADA-compliant washroom that is located on the main floor. As for the lighting system, they count with multi-color uplights. and a dimmable track light system.

Now if you’re asking yourself how much is Chez for an amazing wedding experience, their bookings are all year long with different prices depending on the season, weekend, or weekdays. For instance, on weekends, from January to February, Fridays and Sundays cost is $4,825. On a Saturday it would be $6,000 (this cost also applies to holidays).

From March to December, Fridays and Sundays have a rate of $5,500. And Saturday’s rate is $7,000 (also applies if you book on a holiday).

Prices are subject to change and they also have a website that is beyond informative, if you’re ready to schedule a tour with them they are just a click away!

What wedding theme would you pick at this astonishing venue? Share with us in the comment section below!

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