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Classy Bar Wedding | The Kedzie Inn | Chicago, Illinois

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Jennifer and Patrick´s wedding, or should I say “microwedding”, was one of the most unique weddings we have participated in. It was a wedding at a bar! Offbeat weddings have always been a thing in the wedding world, and we absolutely love them.

The Kedzie Inn served as the reception space, providing guests with much entertainment such as a pool table, a couple of dart boards, a ping pong table, and our photo booth to take it up a notch.

A cool thing to mention about their audio guest book is that it came in the form of a vintage wired telephone. Guests were to pick up the phone, leave a meaningful message after the tone for the newlyweds, and voila! Many voice recordings were saved and kept as lovely memories of loved ones.

Sweet and savory snack tables were also available for guests to enjoy. The savory table included a variety of crackers, nut platters, cheeses, and cold meat platters to say the least. The sweets table was composed of chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped pretzels, and cupcakes.

For dinner, a buffet of different pizza toppings, pastas, and salads was at hand for everyone to fill up their bellies. And to gulp down the meal, a wide selection of beers or bubbly could simply not be turned down at that point. Unless you were a minor, of course, you would have soda or juice.

The couple danced on the stage to a soft romantic song that filled up the air with love and warmth. This is the part that lets you know the couple is truly in love and is just enjoying the moment.

We were simply delighted to participate in this wedding, and more so that it was our official first booking. The joy that filled up the space was a feeling that will be unforgetfull. Our best wishes to Jennifer and Patrick and may their love grow more for each other each day!

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