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Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

As global warming gets worse day by day, we should give thought to changing our lifestyle to a more environmentally friendly one. With small tweaks here and there, and eventually taking bigger steps to be more green, we will certainly help save our mother earth. If you’re conscientious about planning a sustainable wedding, here are some ideas you can use to make a difference to our planet!

To reduce paper waste you can make digital invitations, and send them via social media or email. There’ll be no problem for your guests to receive them because it’ll be just a click away for them to view the invitation. Even granny will know how to view it since having a cellphone is a must in this era.

This idea also applies to your photography booking. Instead of ordering photo prints, you can have your photos digitally, and then store the photos on a USB drive or on the cloud.

Consider maybe renting a wedding dress or suit, this way you save water, energy, and carbon emissions compared to buying new garments. You might also not get to wear the wedding dress and/or suit a second time around so why buy a new one? Or if you opt for buying new ones, there's always the option to donate or resell the garments.

When picking out your wedding venue look for one that takes their eco-friendly game seriously and provides vintage or recycled decor as well as natural lighting to reduce electric use. Ask them various questions such as “what is your plastic policy?”,” do you serve organic and local produce?”,” how do you discard food waste?”, “is glassware or any other type of sustainable serveware provided?”, etc.

And to really go all out on the eco-friendly wedding, try and ask your chosen catering service if they offer a vegetarian or vegan meal. Even if this idea sounds too drastic, it certainly helps our planet, and, come on, it’s a delicious and healthier option. The same thing goes for the wedding cake, you can have it made vegan along with seasonal fruits and local produce. You can also buy the liquor at a local winery shop or brewery to support local businesses that are more likely to be more eco-friendly.

Even if you only end up choosing one or two of these ideas that we've provided, you are clearly aware of the benefits to our environment and you will be inspiring others to also make a difference in their daily life!

Which one of these ideas will you be using at your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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