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Modern & Historically Rich Wedding | Mae District | Chicago, Illinois

Denise and Ray had their elegant wedding at Mae District. A wedding venue that is a cultural landmark inspired by Mae Capone (Wife of Al Capone) and holds a historical yet modern design with its steel beams and brick walls.

This couple booked June and Jades; two of the three event spaces available at Mae District. It was a large wedding because when both of these spaces are booked, they can accommodate up to 400 guests.

June was used for the seated dinner reception and features floor-to-ceiling windows allowing abundant natural sunlight. Jades were perfect for the live band to settle, our photo booth, and extra space for a dancefloor.

The live band played the whole night, creating a pleasant atmosphere to have drinks, eat a delicious meal, and dance to the upbeat tunes.

Denise and Ray had booked our photo booth with capture modes like group selfies, gifs, and boomerangs. All folks who used the photo booth kept a smile on their faces because it truly does bring entertainment to any wedding.

We send our best wishes to this wonderful couple and may their love conquer the world forever!

If you’d like to know more about Mae District, check out our blog post about this awesome venue.

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