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Sarah’s Bachelorette Party | Peoria, Illinois

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

“Boos Before I do’s” was Sarah’s motto for her funtastic bachelorette party! It was held in September in a private lake house located in Peoria, Illinois.

Many of Sarah’s friends were invited to this sexy Halloween costume-themed party that contained food, laughs, jokes, games, and funny videos with our photo booth. The guests got to enjoy the lake, chill, de-stress, and celebrate Sarah’s pre-married life and upcoming wedding.

When costume time came, Sarah wore a sexy mini-bride dress and veil. Lily went for a sexy banana costume that is able to peel itself with a zipper for a little extra fun. The banana costume was purchased on Amazon. Becca decided to go as a sexy Edward from Twilight, sparkles and all. The sparkles that completed the look were purchased from SushyGlow Cosmetics.

On the photo booth’s “tap to start” screen, a naughty little ghost appears with a pink drink in mysterious woods. The custom overlay for the captures, had a tiny spider web with small bats flying around and a phrase that said “Let’s Go Gouhls”, pretty unique huh! As for the backdrop, Sarah decided to use a black door curtain along with Halloween-themed balloons.

If you were to go to a sexy Halloween costume-themed bachelorette party, what would you wear?!

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