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Custom Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas (part 1)

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Ever imagined how you want your custom backdrop for your wedding to look like? Well guess what, your ideas can certainly come to life because nothing is impossible in this world. So, if you have that episode in the middle of the night where your creative brain can’t stop racing with all of those juicy ideas, write them down immediately before they disappear! We’ll send you some inspiration dust below for custom backdrop ideas!

You can give your wedding backdrop modern boho vibes by adding a lovely wicker peacock chair, decorated with rustic floral bouquets of eucalyptus and pampas grass. This creates a dreamy look that can favor the shades of your wedding, especially if you're looking to have tones of white and blush pink.

Is your typical go-to style colorful tones? This backdrop can be a fun way for your guests to use the photo booth. The backdrop displays a psychedelic melted pastel rainbow that signals you to feel happy and hyper. Along with a bunch of balloons that are also vivid, it’s the perfect mix to bring back the inner child in you.

Go bananas! This idea is an exciting way to add, aside from color, a tropical aesthetic to your wedding scheme. I say tropical because of the flying bananas and the different sized swiss cheese plants, they all live in humid tropical forests (no s***, Sherlock). Toss in some disco balls to give it a funky twist.

Another way to add shades of pink to your wedding is by including a backdrop that reflects it. This wonderful backdrop idea achieves a minimal yet beautiful characteristic. Adding some greenery with ferns definitely gives the scenery a dash of refreshing hue.

If you just want balloons as the protagonist of the overall backdrop scenery, then take this idea into consideration. Ombre design hasn't been out of trend, and more if it gives a type of valentine’s day feel, and even more if it’s in the shape of a heart!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog post and you'll get to see more inspiring custom backdrops!

Which of these ideas will you use for your wedding backdrop? Tell us in the comment section below!

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