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Cozy Rustic Wedding | Cellar 222 | Kansas City, MO

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Alix and Clayton tied the knot in the wonderful winter season of 2022, and while outside was very cold, their warm and rustic themed reception was ready for them to celebrate their special day and the beginning of a new season in their life. A lovey dovey one, of course.

Cellar 222 was the perfect venue in Kansas City, for an intimate wedding. They are an extraordinary Tuscan wine cellar that takes their job seriously as a reception space, so the newlyweds could have a stress free dream day. The space was decorated with rustic wood furniture, brick walls, elegant chandeliers, and candles that lit up the event hall into a romantically pleasant scene.

The photo booth featured a sophisticated tap to start screen, with a minimal custom overlay on the photo captures showing Alix and Clayton’s names and their wedding date. Many guests were very excited to take part in this wonderful couple’s intimate wedding, as well as taking pictures and making short boomerangs.

This stunning couple decided to use more casual attire for their wedding, Clayton went for a relaxed blue suit and Alix was dressed in a beautiful floral lace wedding dress along with minimal jewelry to top it off.

We’re very glad to have taken part in this splendid wedding and we wish for this couple to receive the best of this world every day!

Would you like to plan a small intimate wedding? Do share your opinion in the comment section!

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