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Tom and Cynthia's Wedding | Chicago, Illinois

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

I remember my wedding day. I felt tiny butterflies in my tummy, just like the day when I first met him. Two years forward and now we have an 8-month-old baby! Man, time flies, but it just gets better! Anywho, on September 3, 2022, Tom and Cynthia also experienced the wonderful feeling of tying the knot. And it’s so cute that they got to share that feeling with their little one as well.

This good-looking couple held their wedding reception at the private rooftop of where they live in Chicago. This made their celebration more intimate, and I truly believe these types of parties are more fun! Having the view of the Chicago skyline in the background was just the icing on the cake.

What I feel made the atmosphere of their wedding more romantic was being able to watch the sunset, and being able to see the stars sparkling in the sky over the building lights on such an important date.

Tom and Cynthia decided to use the rooftop’s brick wall for the photo booth backdrop. The captures and 2x6 prints came out very beautifully! The photo strips are a classic way to enjoy your photo booth because they include up to three images in a single strip, and the print size is also perfect to store away inside a purse or pouch!

I’d like to mention how adorable Tom and his baby boy matched their attire, they both went for a teal-colored suit. Also, look at how stunning Cynthia and the bridesmaids looked! Cynthia wore a gorgeous sleeveless deep V-neck mermaid dress, as for her bridal bouquet she went for natural white roses. And the bridesmaids wore semi-backless dusky purple dresses with short sleeves.

Overall, there is no way that Tom and Cynthia didn’t have a great time. It was a perfect day to celebrate something so valuable that happened in their lives, and even more special to share it with family and friends. So, a toast for precious memories that will live on forever mentally and digitally!

What’s your favorite part of a wedding reception? Be sure to comment down below!

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