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Different Types of Photo Booths

We are sure everyone wants an exciting photo booth at their wedding. And for this, it is better to search for different kinds of photo booths that can help you determine which one will best suit your needs by looking at the features each one provides. Here’s a list of photo booths that you can look for to let your guests interact with and have fun!

1. Open-Air Photo Booth:

This photo booth is portable, occupies less space, and is versatile with its functions. It offers an easy-to-use touchscreen for your guests, and you can have your backdrop and props customized to your wedding theme. You can get 2x6 photo prints at the spot, and digital photos emailed or texted to your phone.

2. Enclosed Photo Booth:

This type of photo booth is a classic one that you might still find at your local mall. It can be quite large, allowing guests to feel comfortable in its interior while shooting some photos. Many people love this one because it offers privacy, allowing guests to be sillier while using the photo booth. It prints the pictures in a 2x6 strip right on the spot.

3. Inflatable Photo Booth:

An inflatable photo booth is a blow-up tent with a camera system for taking photo captures and unlimited prints at weddings. You can customize your inflatable photo booth using different colors, materials, sizes, and shapes to match your wedding theme. Decorate the tent with led lights and props to make it more fun, especially at night!

4. 360 Photo Booth:

This photo booth allows guests to capture angles of up to 360 degrees in their photos and videos, making it a unique experience with photo booths. This photo booth occupies less space and it’s easy to set up. You can also have the backdrop customized to your wedding theme. Photo prints, email, text, and social sharing are also available with this booth.

5. Green Screen Photo Booth

A green screen photo booth allows guests to capture photos and videos like an actress or actor would on set. Unlimited backgrounds can be featured behind guests to make it a fun experience. GIFs, photo prints, and social sharing are also provided with this photo booth.

6. Mirror Photo Booth

A mirror photo booth is like a tall magical mirror with movement detection and an interactive screen. GIFS, selfies, videos, boomerangs, games, and much more features are included in this booth. Photo prints, email, text, and social sharing are also provided.

If you want a photo booth that is unique to experience, check us out here!

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