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How to Match your Photo Booth to your Wedding

You can never go wrong when showcasing a photo booth at your wedding reception as they bring a lot of entertainment and amusement to your guests. Therefore, to make the photo booth eye-catching, matching it according to your wedding theme is best! This will also let you show off your creative skills.

In this article, we´ll cover some ways to match your photo booth to your wedding from the backdrop to the props, and you´ll get a hold of what are some things to check off your list to create a jaw-dropping photo booth area.

1. Think about your desired wedding theme.

This is crucial to mention as it is the base of all the ideas you want to bring to life. There are many themes to choose from such as floral, rustic, winter (or any other season), beach, Disney, vintage, boho, “Twilight”, alternative, and minimalistic. These are just a few wedding theme ideas that you can keep in mind, and I advise you to do some research to see which one is the best fit.

2. Customize a backdrop that complements your wedding theme.

The phrase, “the sky's the limit” applies when it comes to creating your photo booth backdrop. The options are limitless. You can add in a neon sign, floral arrangements, a lush sofa, or picture frame cutouts. It depends on your budget and the particular wedding vibe you are going for.

3. Add some props that match the wedding theme.

We had a couple that had this super funny idea to have large cutouts with their face on them for guests to use as props. Another example is that we had our photo booth clients have props inspired by their favorite football teams, and they also included Viking hats, feather boas, funky glasses, and mustaches for a little more fun.

4. Customize your photo booth prints according to your wedding theme.

Your chosen photo booth rental experts will help you determine what to add to your photo booth prints to not make it look plain and dull. If you work with a company like ours, you will get a completely customized print overlay that matches your wedding theme colors, photo booth backdrop, and decor.

5. Provide a photo booth guest book.

The photo booth guest book can also be customized to match the predominant colors of your wedding as well as the text on the guest book cover. I advise you to do some extensive research on the many ideas you can feature in your photo booth, take it up a notch, and be extra unique!

Take a look at the Different Types of Photo Booths that can match up to your wedding theme and fulfill your expectations for your upcoming wedding!

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