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Michelle's Ballroom | Wedding Venue | Chicago, Illinois

Michelle’s Ballroom is an elegant wedding venue in a historic bank building. It features ancient-like architecture with walls and columns of white hues, it reminds me of Cinderella’s first dance with Prince Charming before midnight. It is truly a romantic and gorgeous setting to celebrate your wedding in.

The entrance will leave you in awe as it features white Italian ceramic tiles and a dominant golden chandelier that leads to the main dining and dancing area of the reception space. Their main ballroom has many fancy yet neutral chandeliers that can fit with any wedding theme. Although the reception space setting is more than beautiful as it is, you can also bring over your decorations to create the wedding aesthetic you’re looking for. This reception space can fit up to 250 seated guests.

Michelle´s Ballroom also includes sound equipment, a video screen, a stage, a spacious coatroom, WIFI, handicap access restrooms, heating and air-conditioning, round tables and chairs, setup, and two parking lots for up to 40 vehicles.

A getting-ready suite is available for the couple or any guests who might want to rest a bit, or it can also be used for photography sessions while getting ready for the party! And, if any children are attending the wedding, a kid's room will keep them busy all evening with all the toys and large TV that is provided. Michelle’s Ballroom does mention that if more than 10 kids attend the wedding, charges may apply for children who can walk and up to 12 years old.

The bar is located on the right side of the main dining and dancing area of the reception space and it is equipped with a refrigerator, cooler, ice maker, and double sink. Since you can bring your caterer service, the kitchen is equipped with two large food warmers, a refrigerator, two preparation tables, and a triple sink that will be very useful for the catering service you decide to book.

Lastly, a comfort lounge is located in the basement of the reception space next to the restrooms if any guest feels the need to get a breather from how lit the wedding is. A couple of things to keep in mind are that tablecloths, chair covers, decorations, food, and liquor are not provided so it will be your responsibility to provide those amenities in your wedding.

Michelle's Ballroom pricing for the winter season which is from November-December is $750 for weekdays, $1,000 for Fridays, $1,500 for Saturdays, and $1,000 for Sundays. In the summer, which is from April- October, it is $750 for weekdays, $2,000 for Fridays, $2,500 for Saturdays, and $2,000 for Sundays. Prices are based on 5-hour rentals and additional hours can be negotiated. A $500 security deposit is required at booking (this is refundable after the event) and there is no additional charge if the wedding ceremony is also held at the site.

Some additional charges to mention are $100 if no more than 10 kids attend the wedding, $200 for 10 additional children that includes a babysitter, $300 for 20 additional kids that also includes a babysitter (no more than 30 kids are accepted at the premises), $400 for two security guards, $150 for one bartender, $500 for 2 celebrations at once, and $25 for each of the couple’s chairs.

Please visit Michelle’s Ballroom website if you have more inquiries regarding the venue and require contacting them right away. Keep in mind that we try to keep this information as up to date as possible and that this information might change at any time at the venue's discretion.

If you are into historic architectural wedding architecture, be sure to read our blog post on Mae District, a wedding venue that has historic events of Al Capone and his crew!

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