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Sarah + Ross | Fall Outdoor Wedding | Peoria, Illinois

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Many couples, like Sarah and Ross, decide to celebrate their wedding day in the cool autumn rather than in the hot summer. And it’s no surprise, since the fresh crisp air and the changing colors of the leaves make for a perfect wedding scenery, especially if it’s celebrated outdoors.

Sarah and Ross celebrated their wedding on a beautiful fall evening of October. They had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy their big private property as the reception. They opted for a huge tent and filled it with their banquet setup for all their guests.

Their wedding theme would be described as “environmental rustic magic,” since the reception was beautifully decorated with greenery on the tent poles, boho flower arrangements, and string lights surrounding the entire tent ceiling.

Now let’s talk about the desserts they had, man, these people do know how to sweeten their life! A bunch of different flavored pies and cakes were available for dessert, my inner child just screams “I need pie!”. Honestly, I'm a pie girl, so I would’ve loved this idea at my wedding, but no, we just had some plain cake, and the bakery had the audacity to write my husband’s name wrong! You had one job, bakery, one job.

Another thing I'd like to talk about is their photobooth backdrop. It featured a greenery wall with floral decorations and a neon sign that read “Better Together”. It was supposed to say ¨The Bartons¨ but we used our better together one. On the custom overlay they decided to have a hashtag saying “#tilldeathdousbarton”, aside from the couple’s name.

And as the day became night on this special day full of love, laughter, music, food and drinks, it certainly shows that this cute couple nailed it at their celebration by the end of the day. We are truly happy that we got to be at this party and toast along with them, and we know that Sarah and Ross are enjoying themselves in matrimony to date.

What about you, are you a cake or pie person? I’d like to know, so please share with us in the comment section below!

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