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What We Learned in Our First Year as Photo Booth Owners

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Every business starts from the bottom, and even though we’ve had a rollercoaster of a ride, we’re very glad to say that we’ve been able to be successful. It’s such a blessing that we will hopefully continue to thrive for the years to come.

If you’re new to the knowledge of our existence, Lily is the owner and a wedding photographer. Becca is the regional manager in Chicago, and Joelle is the regional manager in Kansas City, who just recently joined our team. As for me, Gaby, I am the virtual assistant.

All of us have different duties at booth, please, but being together is what has helped our business grow. And we’ll share some aspects of what we have learned in our first year as photo booth owners.

1. It's super helpful to count on a team

Even though each one of us has different tasks and each task needs a lot of hard work, it has been really helpful to count with a team so as to not feel saturated with work or lonely.

2. People LOVE having a photo booth at their events!

It's no surprise that a photo booth can bring to life any wedding because it makes guests and newly weds have much fun when taking photos at such a memorable event, and much more when they are able to share those memories with loved ones.

3. Providing a photo booth isn't necessarily the main vendor at weddings

Most of the time couples are in the search for a photographer, wedding planner, or caterer, first and foremost and that's okay. Some of those couples will eventually get to us if they want a little extra spice at their wedding.

4. We always let our clients know they can have a personalized photo booth

Our clients always prefer to have their photo booth personalized to fit their wedding, because each couple is unique and so each wedding is unique. This is what truly sets us apart, since we put a lot of emphasis on the design elements of the booth.

5. We aren't the perfect fit for everyone

And that's okay! Our clients love working with us because of our quirkyness, uniqueness, and flexible styles and we'll continue to thrive in that aspect for sure.

6. We love the flexibility of our work schedule

It definitely lets us get into a routine that fits into our lifestyle without falling into the 9-5 work schedule, this gives us more freedom to do whatever the heck we want (as long as we get the work done of course)!

Which of these lessons applies to your work life? Share your opinion with us in the comment section!

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